Dating system used bc

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They cite Bede as the one who had the most influence in bringing the "Christain Era" dating system into popular and official use. Making this the year 1 of his era, he counted the years which followed in regular course from it, calling them years "of the Lord", and we now designate such a date A. But according to the first article linked, Dionysius Exiguus himself instituted the use of "A. Nothing of a religious nature happened during 1 BCE and 1 CE -- in fact nothing of truly momentous importance happened at all, to our knowledge.Some interesting events at that time were: 1 BCE: Some historians have concluded from their analysis of Josephus' writings that Herod the Great died in 1 BCE.There is also an article on "Dates and Dating," and one on Dionysius Exiguus.

Every year was associated with the name, an eponym, of the Limmu, the individual holding office.

With the establishment of eponym lists, succinct statements about events were sometimes added in order to keep track of the sequence.

The limmu lists themselves run from 911 through to 631 BC, and are dated with the aid of the Canon of Ptolemaeus, which coincides with dates from the Canon between 747 and 631 BC.

The earliest known attestations of a year eponyms are at Karum-Kanesh, and became used in other Assyrian colonies in Anatolia.

Its spread was due to Shamshi-Adad I's unification of northern Mesopotamia.

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