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Com is one of the longest-running Black owned websites on the Internet, and the first to focus exclusively on Black male/female relationships.

After all, she is supposed to be offering constructive help to people, right?

And getting into a relationship with an ex-convict can seem like a big red flag. There are three major questions to ask before letting a guy go from one ball and chain to another kind entirely.

After checking out Conjugal, a mock online dating site feigning to connect prisoners with those on the outside, we gave the convict-dating phenomenon some closer inspection. There are clearly a bunch of reaons not to date a man behind bars (enforced long-distance relationship, depression at his non-voter status in certain states... Bringing him home to meet the family is not an option.16.

Coupled with a couple of bigger-picture themes that carry over the season as a whole (the unslakeable consumptive urge of capitalism, whether human nature is fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, and even a bit of a comment on the nature of truth that resonates with our current political moment), this season was as satisfying a season of TV as any this year.She has also appeared as a guest expert on the nationally televised talk show “Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus” with host Cybill Shepherd, and featured on BET Television’s “Oh Drama! It diminishes her credibility as the "professional". Her casual, down-to-earth style of relating to people of all races and ages worldwide afforded her the opportunity to gain sociological data on interpersonal relationships and a perspective that is unique in the industry. Cooper dispenses solid advice mixed with a healthy dose of humor to guide men and women in examining their actions, reactions and beliefs about relationships and the opposite gender.Married, single or somewhere in the middle, people break laws every day.Meeting someone who's been imprisoned for a serious crime is often another matter, however.

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