Forensic science carbon dating mummies

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Almost as astounding was the presence of a complete set of clothes and a variety of gear.In the ensuing excitement over the discovery, the press and researchers offered many speculations about the ancient man.Selling ivory is not illegal, providing it is from an elephant that died before 1947.But until now, proving the age of an item was notoriously difficult, relying on expert opinion.

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Conservationists argued that sales on auction sites like e Bay created a market that encouraged the forgers - and the poachers who kill elephants to meet the demand.

On 25 March 1199, while laying siege to the castle of Châlus-Chabrol in the Limousin region, he was pierced in the left shoulder by an enemy crossbow bolt.

Richard I died 12 days later, probably from infection in the wound.

The victim, a male, had died several thousand years ago.

Spindler and other scientists deduced that his body and belongings had been preserved in the ice until a fall of dust from the Sahara and an unusually warm spell combined to melt the ice, exposing the mans head, back and shoulders.

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