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I think this is perhaps the most puerile and best poke in the ribs I've had in a while.

Fuk Fuk the Brazilian Midget is a traveling dildo salesman and this film is the chronicles of his sex-laden adventures.

Itazuke actually comprised three installations: Itazuke AB, Itazuke (Kasuga) Administration Annex and Brady Air Base (Camp Brady).

Itazuke and the Kasuga Annex were on the mainland while Brady was in Saitozaki; on the peninsula (Umi no Nakamichi) that forms Hakata Bay.

In present day Iraq, soldier-of-fortune Nick Morton and his team accidentally discover the tomb of Egyptian princess Ahmanet and bring it to London.

However, with her powers constantly evolving, Ahmanet embarks on a furious rampage through the streets of London.

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It's all very retarded but this flick does have the laughs and the hardcore sex that you came for. This one has hetero sex only (okay, there's a little lesbian action there too but if you are reading this you are most likely a straight guy or a very open minded girl and a little girl-girl won't matter much to you anyway) as opposed to several other Brazilian porn movies I've seen with gay male hardcore scenes.

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Mushiroda was built on farmland that once grew bumper rice crops during 1943. The airfield soon proved unserviceable for the fledgling flyers because of the high water level of the former rice lands.

Frequent rain showers flooded the runway making it unsafe for the novice aviators.

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