Online dating monogamy

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Competition–even the idea of it–works in everyone’s favor.

The idea of options not only makes your partner hop to, but makes you bring it as well.

Is it a basic human instinct or is it just an idiotic social construct? This article provides some tips for gays on how to stay monogamous. You need to ask yourself: “Am I ready for commitment? ” “How about those hot guys I’m fantasizing to have sex with?

Step 1 The first step requires you to think, think, and think. It means both you and your partner should be faithful to each other. ” If you’re ready for a monogamous relationship, then is very likely that you can stay monogamous once you enter the relationship. Bring your partner to any place frequented by sizzling hot guys. Or have a stroll in a park where gorgeous men assemble. What if this guy approaches you and asked you to hang out? (a) Say “yes” instantly and dump your partner right then and there.

Because throwing your relationship into park once you’ve “landed” him is a sure way to end the forward momentum.

The whole “oh yeah where are you going to go” argument just doesn’t hold water anymore.

Proclaiming that you’re ready when you’re not would only jeopardize the relationship.

Step 3 Once you’re on a monogamous relationship, you and your partner need to talk about your relationship regularly.

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Now, people change jobs and locations with the seasons.

(b) Say “yes” and explain to your partner that you really want to have sex with this guy just for once.

(c) Say “no” and meet the guy when your partner is not around. If you answer, a, b, or c, then you’re not yet ready for a monogamous relationship.

But for those of you in less-than-ideal situations, or relationships that have gone south, online dating–even if you don’t actually use it–creates this sense of options. The internet didn’t invent options–it just brought them a little closer–made it a little easier, yes. Could someone decide to be with someone else instead of me? But what I’m realizing is that what I’d rather have is someone who chooses me and continues to choose me, regardless of the other options.

But if you were under the impression that disconnecting someone’s internet is all you need to do to keep someone from having options? Look, I’ve struggled with this myself–I worried that the more options someone had, the less likely he was to choose me. While everyone’s freaking out about online dating killing love, rarely do we realize those options can work in reverse.

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