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He has also been known to use a recent Epiphone Casino electric guitar, and a Fylde Oberon acoustic guitar. Pecknold comes from a musical background; his father, Greg Pecknold, played in the Seattle-based soul band The Fathoms in the 1960s.He has an older brother, Sean, and an older sister, Aja. Sean has directed six music videos for Fleet Foxes.Pecknold formed Fleet Foxes in 2006 with Skyler Skjelset.He knew Skjelset from school, where they already played original music together. S." Fall Out Boy, "Sugar We're Goin Down" Mylène Farmer, "Maman a Tort" Mylène Farmer, "Sans Contrafaçon" Federal Drugs Administration, "Androgynoel" The Field Mice, "This Love Is Not Wrong" Final Fantasy, "He Poos Clouds" Final Fantasy, "Jars of Lars" Final Fantasy, "Please Please Please" Fosca, "Confused and Proud" Jen Foster, "I Didn't Just Kiss Her" Jen Foster, "She" Franz Ferdinand, "Do You Want To" Franz Ferdinand, "Michael" Franz Ferdinand, "This Boy" Gavin Friday, "Dolls" Gavin Friday, "Mr.

Fitting disco, grunge, electro, blues, Spaghetti Western and U2’esque moments all on one album, might be too much for some.This album was released around the same time and I began looking in to his extensive solo and collaborative career pre and post the demise of his former band.I’ve still to properly evaluate the rest of his releases but something about this album just grabbed me from the moment I first heard it.The best way to browse this list is to click the little arrow beside each song and then to listen as you read.The things you like you can then download by right- or ctrl-clicking with your mouse.

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