Plenty of whales dating

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Book you accommodation and activities in the Lyngenfjord region online, or contact us by phone or e-mail and we will assist you. But just a few days before Thanksgiving last week, he experienced a first.They had a specific and limited role; after the oil was extracted, carcasses were discarded and the Inuit people’s extensive uses ignored and left behind.The lesson here is that scarcity spurs creativity and efficiency.While older humpback whales and the ultra-rare North Atlantic right whales migrate south beginning in November, young humpbacks come into the Cape Fear region as the water cools to feed during the fall and winter."These youngsters are just hanging off the North Carolina coast feeding all winter long," he said.Tour boats stop at least 100m from whales but these curious marine mammals often come much closer toward the boat, putting on a display for those on-board with ‘muggings’, ‘spy hops’, breaches and friendly displays.This is an incredible experience that you’ll never forget and is one of nature’s most glorious displays.

“It was really something to see.” Libby said local chatter on social media of whale sightings has been noticeably higher this fall and there is a reason.

Bill Mc Cellan, an associate professor in marine biology at UNCW, said, until recently, the humpback whale spent 40 years listed as endangered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

But with up to 1,000 baby humpbacks now born each year, Mc Cellan said sightings are likely to increase as the species' numbers swell.

They pass Noosa and the Sunshine Coast and there are several ways you can see (and hear) these gorgeous creatures ( Tour operators are already saying this is one of the best whale-watching seasons so far, following last year’s fantastic sightings.

To join the whales in their own playground, take a Sunshine Coast whale-watching tour from nearby Mooloolaba (about 40mins from Noosa) and see them from on-board a boat – you can even swim with the whales!

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