Vs 2016 updating intellisense slow

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Solution 2 Now "Restart the Visual Studio" and Try Again (mostly works).Solution 3 Just delete the folder "Reflected Schemas".enabled or if you use the default Visual experience settings in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2013, you might experience intermittent performance issues, product crashes, or rendering issues.

We can just make a pre-compiled header file with all the stable codes and let intellisense to use it as the reference.

"microsoft" is not, as no one else makes Visual Studio or has

"application-settings" would seem to be about saving/reading the settings for an application you're writing, not an IDE you're using.

After I open my project (huge project) in Visual Studio 2015 it is going crazy. This is why I try to do as much w/o VS as possible.

Is it about Windows 7 or can you give me any advice about my speed problem?

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