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With its stonebuilt open fire woodburner it has a cozy feel and is comfortable and tastefully furnished.

With a good range of Malt Whiskies, Real Ales and Scottish beers its also a great venue for lunch or a bar meal or snack.

Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, a coffee or a catchup with a friend, The Bull will have something to suit you.

Scrambled Egg £3-40 With bacon £4-10 with Smoked Salmon £4-75 Served on toasted white bloomer, crusty wholemeal or gluten free toast.

Stolen money is “dirty money” that needs to be “cleaned up” (laundered) in order to be used on legal markets. Oblivious web users may be lured into accepting dirty money into their accounts and transferring it to a criminal one overseas. This way, cybercriminals make sure there’s no trace of them and that the money mules get blamed for the theft.

It’s a simple philosophy: the more intermediaries in the criminal chain, the more difficult to track down the real criminals.

Eggs Benedict £4-75 A toasted muffin topped with sweet cured ham and two poached eggs finished with Hollandaise sauce Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon instead of ham £5-25 Toast (V) White, Brown or Gluten Free bread served toasted with butter and preserve One slice £1-25 two slices £2-50 Omelettes £5-75 With your choice of filling :- cheese, mushroom, ham or plain each served with homemade chips, salad or toast Baguettes or Sandwiches Served with salad garnish, crisps or a few chips and our own coleslaw Cheese and onion, Ham and tomato, Tuna mayo or Roast Beef £4-50 each.

Prawn Marie-Rose, Lincolnshire sausage and onion, Bacon, lettuce and tomato or Bacon, Brie and cranberry £5-25 each.

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