Whos dating idris elba

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Once murmurs of Hollywood love are in the air, it’s hard to silence the whispers. After reports surfaced this weekend that Elba and Madonna were spotted kissing at London’s M Restaurant (per the story includes Madonna’s good-humored Snapchat selfie of the two, with the message, “I kicked his butt.” A source in the story notes that the two “had only eyes for each other” while at the restaurant following Elba’s boxing match.This is not the first the world has seen of this duo.

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But Jourdan joined his table later on in the evening and he was clearly interested in her."They added: "At about 2.30am they left holding hands."Time will tell if Elba and Dunn are the real deal, only last week he had to deny he was dating Madonna...

The email, which was sent to Fameolous reads: Hey Denzel, Guess what?!? And I don’t want to destroy you or the penis that was inside of me.

A week after the singer posted an online F-you to Idris Elba ---who she secretly dated a few years back--- and his child's mother; an email from the singer asking the celebrated British actor for closure has been leaked.

When The Jungle Book opened to rave reviews on Friday, packed audiences were treated to a galaxy of star names – or their voices at least.

But no one in the lavish CGI production had more magnetic quality or sheer presence than Idris Elba, the growling voice of Shere Khan, the tiger who hopes to become king of the jungle.

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